To create a support ticket you must first Login that you received from Richter Technology. When you are logged in you may Create a Support Ticket.

During the sign-up process you will be asked to enter your user name and password. Once you have submitted the ticket, an automated email will be sent to you.

Once you have confirmed your wish to receive support ticketing, you may view your tickets by Logging In. You’ll be able to see all your previous support tickets and the progress of any current support requests from within this area.

Support Ticketing ensures we keep the appropriate records of your support request and our response history to you. This helps us deliver a better service to all our customers as we respond more quickly, audit the effectiveness of our responses, and generally improve the quality of our support. In addition, analysis of our support performance, and the frequency level of specific support requests also leads to improving our software.

For immediate assistance please call (931) 456-8074


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